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Nature & (man)

Fluidism does not believe in the polarized view of binaries. Man cannot exist without nature. Period. And yet as a species we are ignorant, arrogant, obnoxious and foolish to this simple fact. But to change the damage we have undoubtly already caused requires so much more than reducing carbon emissions and becoming carbon neutral. That … Continued

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Modern (man)

Modern (man) is both collective and individual, These self portraits are me and not me. As with all Fluid thinking it does not deal with the polarised binaries, so although some of these works are self portraits and others are of humans species in general they  both coexist within the spectrum of the collective and the … Continued

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(man) & Machine

(man) & Machine interests me as much as (man) in nature because at the moment they seem two opposite people and yet we seem to be both these people. It is Fluidism hope that these two people can be brought together and become one. Not necessarily harmoniously but in conversation and action, interest  and capability. (. Its about … Continued

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