• Re-Thinker. (Post-pandemic).

  • 'Postmodern Aspirations. (Last work made by artist before Covid pandemic).

  • The 'Rethinker' (close up).

re-think, re-design, re-play

Fluidism is the dialogue of inclusivity, not polarisation. It means we need to look at the world anew. To re-write old narratives, re-design old ‘structures, re-think old beliefs. We need to experiment with the old and new and play and re-play if we are to discover new more self-fulfilling worlds. We have taken the journey as far as we can, infact too far. A journey of self and materialism driven by the myth that our only pursuit is that of ‘happiness’. Yet in a time that has exposed the fallacy of our old world and with time to reflect, revalvuate and rethink there is now a huge danger of returning to the old narrative, the one we call ‘normal’.
We are now entering a time when that emphasis is on material. It will need to say more, do more, reflect more. It is a time when sculpture will carry with it far more gravitas and the sculptor much more responsibility.