• Modern (man). Resin clay on armature.

  • Modern (man). (Self portrait).

  • Daydream (self portrait).

  • I spend my life fighting boredom. I live in a daydream, I have no attention span. Play is my escapism. I think there is a fish in my head. (Materials: Gless head, goldfish, water).

  • 'Bust' (Papermache with P3 cuttings).

  • Francis Bacon: Portrait of a Self Portrait. (Clay)

  • Embryotic Fear (Clay).

  • Alter Ego (plaster).

  • Daydots- A self portrait (One for each day of life).

Modern (man)

Modern (man) is both collective and individual, These self portraits are me and not me. As with all Fluid thinking it does not deal with the polarised binaries, so although some of these works are self portraits and others are of humans species in general they  both coexist within the spectrum of the collective and the self. You cannot be one and not the other.
The terminology (man) is important. As the artist, I am undeniably a man and therefore my perspective and influence comes from this point  of view. It is a view that can only have gravitas if I accept this fundamental point and reasoning. But at the same time I am not alone, both in companionship, geographically, politically, etc. Therefore self portraits in the traditional sense are often completely inward, egotistical, self obsessed. However a self portrait according to Fluidism are contextually more layered. They are me connected and disconnected for what is really me if I only see myself as an island. Fluidism allows for a re-examining and looking at the human anew.
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