• Detail of 'Scarred'. An installation presently showing at Devon Sculpture Park.

  • Scarred:Part of the Flower series. Installation at Devon Sculpture Park

  • Scarrerd (part of Flower series). 10ft 'flowers' made from copper, plastic and household paint).

  • Vangogh Sunflowers

  • 'Scarred' (Copper, concrete blocks and household paint). Part of the Flower series. Presently situated on the terraces of the Robert Adams Gallery, Devon Sculpture Park.

  • Melting Polar Bear Medium: Plaster on mirror base.

  • Melting Lego House (oven baked Lego).

  • 'If God exist... I know where he lives' (twisted and deformed cutlery).

Nature & (man)

Fluidism does not believe in the polarized view of binaries. Man cannot exist without nature. Period. And yet as a species we are ignorant, arrogant, obnoxious and foolish to this simple fact. But to change the damage we have undoubtly already caused requires so much more than reducing carbon emissions and becoming carbon neutral. That is a bare necessity but it doesn’t even scratch the surface. A whole dialogue has to be set up between (man) and Nature if only to avoid catastrophe on both sides. To coexist is not enough. We have to understand our symbiotic relationship presently destroyed and then go beyond that to find the embodiment between nature and (man) for then only the two will be able to thrive and with it it will take humans to a new plateaux of understanding and open up a plethora of new narratives. Fuidism sets up dialogue and is not polarsied. It is about connection, and going beyond the individual. You do not need to be a tree hugger, anti progress , anti-industry. It is about finding solutions beyond the present thinking of who you should be if you are to save the earth. Solutions such as rewilding, that presentently undergoing at Devon Sculpture Park amd hoe sculpure sit within this bew environment.


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